What is Hypnotherapy?

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Hypnotherapy & How We Can Work Together

The mind is very powerful, and often we are unaware of the impact messages or experiences have, but we absorb it all.  Thinking patterns develop from an early age and after experiencing many events throughout life.  Along the way we develop unwanted feelings and behaviours.  We may be consciously aware of many processes but do not have any knowledge of what impacts us subconsciously.  When our behaviours do not make sense, or are impacting on our lives, it’s time to start accessing your subconscious mind.

Surprisingly, we are being hypnotised every minute of the day.  Think about the time when you have been in a good mood and someone says something negative, and you find yourself immediately feeling down or fed up.  It can also happen the other way around – you are feeling ‘down in the dumps’ and someone makes you laugh and instantly changes your mood.  You have been hypnotised, purely by accepting someone else’s suggestions and feelings.

Think about when you are totally engrossed in a book or TV programme, nothing else matters around you only what you are taking in at that time.  When you are sat in your car at the traffic lights or on the bus and you start zoning out, or dreaming of your upcoming holiday, or what you are having for tea.  You may not realise it but you are being hypnotised!

You may have seen stage hypnosis where people are running round like a chicken or making fools of themselves.  This is because they are willing participants and their subconscious mind is OK with this.

There is a lot of science around thought patterns and I can talk to you about neuroplasticity and the limbic system, but for now, allow me to explain how I can work with you to create positive change.

When you work with me I will explore what you want to change and how you want to feel.  Using hypnosis, under my skilled guidance, I will enable you to access your subconscious mind and make suggestions that will enable change.  This develops strategies to change thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  I cannot make you do anything you do not want to do as your own unique subconscious mind will not allow this.

Most people drift into hypnosis quite easily.  It is a relaxing experience, where you are fully in control, and are just listening to my voice, as your subconscious mind allows positive suggestions to make positive change. You are fully in control at all times.  You cannot get ‘stuck’  in hypnosis and can come out of it at any time.

The success rate for hypnosis is high, depending on whether a person really does want to change, although it is not a magic formula or 100% guaranteed. 

I will start with a consultation, usually on the telephone, or via video link (Messenger/Skype) to see how we can work together.

The recommended amount of sessions is from three to six, depending on the particular issue.  This is because the changes need to be properly installed for them to be more permanent.  

For more information or to book an appointment please call 01623 362101 or send a message

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