Do you have chronic pain that does not have a protective value?

Are you fed up of not being able to live your life as you want because pain holds you back?  Sick of taking pain killers constantly?

Long before the discovery of pain killers and anaesthetics hypnotherapy was, and still is effectively used to control and eliminate pain.  The mind and body are closely related and the medical profession is increasingly recommending hypnotherapy to manage acute and chronic pain.

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Providing relief from chronic pain

There is a difference between new and old pain and it is important to recognise that new pain is there for a reason and may need medical attention.  Old, chronic pain that has been there for some time, even after medical intervention, can be treated with hypnotherapy.  The pain signals that go to the brain have left a neurological pathway over time, rather like forming a habit.  These pathways can be altered by using hypnotherapy to allow the mind to think of the pain in a totally different way, therefore making new pathways that are more relevant and helpful thus reducing or eliminating the pain.  Your unconscious mind decides whether to reduce or let go of the pain if it is not needed.

I have been successful in reducing pain to a manageable level for many clients and in some instances, eliminating it altogether.

I use various approaches and techniques, complimenting each other, to get the results you need to cope with pain control.

“After years of pain and exhausting all conventional forms of pain management I decided to try hypnotherapy. I went with an open mind and a hope of some relief. I was amazed. I still have some pain but, the continual nagging, raw ache has diminished to a point that I can function on a day to day basis. I have even managed to stop taking one of my regular pain killers!

Kay is lovely. She puts you at ease from the start and takes time to get to know you helping her decide what she feels would work best for you based on her knowledge and experience.

I would highly recommend hypnotherapy and would highly recommend Kay.”

Gill, Mansfield

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