1 Super Excellent way to Feel Better Fast!

You know when you’re having a sh***y day.  Things aren’t going right, someone’s annoyed you, the cat was sick on the kitchen floor this morning and you didn’t have time to clean it up because you overlaid, and you need to be out the door.  You got caught up in the rain and now you’re soaked.  Things aren’t going your way, you can’t afford a holiday this year, your usual anxiety has increased, and you can’t control it like you normally can.

Well read on and you will find a quick way of swapping bad feelings for good.

So, let’s get you through your sh***y day!

A little bit of background stuff …  bear with me it will all make sense!

I was chatting to my friend about how to make yourself feel better and she said without music in her life feeling good would be impossible.  She described a moment in her life when she was a teenager, walking to school listening to her music.  She can remember a song coming on and she was able to describe her exact location and what she was experiencing at the time.

“It was a cool Autumn morning.  I was walking to sixth form with my Sony Walkman on, up the hill, and the sun was orange and rising.  I remember seeing my breath and thinking, god this song is absolutely amazing.”

What she had done without realising it was to ‘anchor’ a particularly good feeling to music and a location.  Being a Hypnotherapist, I recognised this as one of the most effective tools I learned to use, and have taught this to clients.

Think about a time when you felt really, really good. It could be anywhere, in your local pub laughing with friends, on holiday with your family, it could be simply remembering something funny that happened or feeling calm or happy in a particular place.  Imagine yourself in this place, remember what you were doing, remember the sights, sounds, smells, or even tastes.  Then immerse yourself in this amazing feeling and turn all the senses up until you can really feel like you are there again in person.  Enjoy that feeling.

Now, the next time you need to lift yourself out of a low mood, STOP, and bring on those wonderful feelings!  You will find that you cannot have two conflicting feelings at the same time, so you can only feel good.  See how this simple technique makes you feel better fast and gets you through your day.

There are lots of ways to use this.  When you want to feel more confident, such as when you need to talk to your boss or give a speech.  When you want to feel less stressed or angry in a situation you need to deal with.  When you arrive home after a full day and you have to start something at home that you really don’t want to do.  When you have to find the energy, or motivation to exercise.  All you need to do is think of a time when you were confident, calm, in control, or whatever feeling you need at the time, and really feel it, bring it all on and swap the bad feeling to good.

There are ways to use this more permanently and I can show you how.

For now, please have a go and practise, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

Look out for my next blog when I will be talking about something that affects many people and giving you more tools to use in your every day life.

Kay xx