Tap Yourself to Freedom!

This is such a remarkable technique I can teach you, or your child, to immediately get rid of negative feelings. Time and time again my clients have been amazed at how this technique can work so quickly for them, and it’s so simple!

You may have heard of Emotional Freedom Technique? It’s sometimes called the ‘Tapping’ technique.  Different points on the head and body are ‘tapped’ by you to create noticeable change.

There are many versions of EFT, but I will teach you a faster version. It has the very same effect as some of the longer versions, but as the title suggests it’s FASTER TO DO! It often takes a few minutes to eliminate particular unwanted feelings.

This technique can help with many different issues inc. –

  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Unwanted cravings
  • Lifting mood
  • Negative feelings
  • Pain

It can be used on it’s own or as an additional tool with Hypnosis or Mindscaping. Once you have been taught this technique you can use it on yourself for many different issues.

It is an excellent and fun therapy for children that really works.  

“Having had really bad anxiety, Kay gave me a session of “tapping” and “mindscaping”! I can’t believe how this worked- it was amazing! Thank you so so much Kay”  Deb, Sutton

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