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Specialising in Therapies for Anxiety, PTSD, Trauma and Low Mood

My aim is to help you make the changes you need in as shorter time as possible.  To overcome emotional problems, to achieve your full potential and become happier, more confident, and in control of your own life.

I want you to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be!

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If you are aware that anxiety is affecting your life more and more and is stopping you doing the things you want to do then it’s time to do something about it.

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Chronic Pain

Are you fed up of not being able to live your life as you want to? Does pain hold you back?  Are you sick of taking pain killers constantly?

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Positive Change ‘in the blink of an eye’ with IEMT

What can IEMT be used for?

IEMT is an excellent therapy that helps a wide range of emotional issues.  It is particularly effective for:

  • Anxiety and Low Mood
  • Self Esteem and Confidence
  • PTSD
  • Unhelpful feelings of Anger, Regret, Shame, Frustration and Panic
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Unwanted negative memories
  • Feeling ‘stuck’ and unable to move forward in your life
  • Identity issues such as Divorce and Redundancy

Read more about IEMT and what positive changes it can make to your life.

Integral Eye Movement Technique

What Clients Have to Say….

After years of pain and exhausting all conventional forms of pain management I decided to try hypnotherapy. I went with an open mind and a hope of some relief. I was amazed. I still have some pain but, the continual nagging, raw ache has diminished to a point that I can function on a day to day basis. I have even managed to stop taking one of my regular pain killers!

Kay is lovely. She puts you at ease from the start and takes time to get to know you helping her decide what she feels would work best for you based on her knowledge and experience.

I would highly recommend hypnotherapy and would highly recommend Kay.

Gill, Mansfield

Having had really bad anxiety, Kay gave me a session of “tapping” and “mindscaping”! I can’t believe how this worked- it was amazing!

Thank you so so much Kay

Deb, Sutton in Ashfield

I visited Kay on 2 occasions and had 2 sessions with her. The 1st session we worked on some disturbing memories from childhood to current events in my life, I couldn’t believe that after carrying these memories for so long most of them were transformed in an instant or disappeared it was surreal but very emotional too some I couldn’t remember which was great!!! Now when I think of the memories that I could remember they are more positive.

I would thoroughly recommend Kay especially if your suffering from severe trauma and PTSD these limit your life and health. I loved how Kay’s Practitioner Tool Box was varied with different strategies and she was very detailed with a compassionate caring but focused manner and very professional. Thanks 🙏 Kay

Joanne, Retford

I did a Mindscaping session with Kay via video call. I felt a clear and immediate improvement in my stress/anxiety that I had been facing about a certain situation.

I no longer feel the negative charged emotions and am incredibly thankful for Kay and the Mindscaping session she did for me! It was non invasive, fun, and effective. Highly recommend trying a Mindscaping session with Kay, you can do it from the comfort of your own home!

Byron, USA

I can’t thank Kay enough for helping my daughter feel less anxious and more confident.

Lisa, New Houghton

Kay helped me with anxiety which in turn had a knock on effect in helping my O.C.D, Kay was reassuring and explained everything she was going to do putting me at ease instantly.

I can’t recommend Kay enough she has given me the tools and confidence to change my outlook on anxiety and the way I control it. I honestly can not recommend Kay enough. Thank you so much.

Betsy, Shirebrook

I have struggled with self confidence all my life although if you met me you wouldn’t be able to tell! My main problem is bigging myself up at interviews! Had one session with Kay on the beach – just landed myself my dream job and pulled off an amazing interview and 10 minute presentation – it went really well but self doubt still kicked in on the way home! Two days later – found out that I nailed it! Thanks Kay

Helen, Devon

I had been struggling with a constant pain in my lower back for months. Kay went through some simple techniques with me which took about 20 minutes and although I didn’t realise at the time the following morning i had no pain and have been pain free ever since. Very professional service and still pain free!!

Thank you very much Kay

Alison, Pleasley

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